Hogs Hollow

We spent the day at the many beaches around Plettenberg Bay. Warm, white, soft sand.. crashing .waves, empty beaches. It was a Saturday and yet there were no people. Most shops were closed, but luckily we found a very nice fish restaurant and bar in the beach. Without hesitation, I ordered a large spiced rum and coke, mussels, followed by grilled fish and chips. It had a great beach vibe and Mark and I watched the kids on beach boards surfing the waves and a sand artist slowly creating nautical sculptures on the beach.

We also found Natures Valley where on one side was a serene, calm lake with mountains, then on the other side was the crashing waves of the sea. The beach between the two was enormous and beautiful, so I laid here for a while, turning from side to side enjoying the magical difference in sceneries.

A short drive away was the longest bungy jump from a bridge into a valley. It was so scary, I really don’t know why people would do it. Mark really wanted to do it. We watched a few jumpers then decided it was much better watching, than doing it ourselves!

We’ll be checking out of Hogs Hollow in the morning 😔