Peninsula Part III

We went on to visit the Botanical Garden where the wind had dropped and temperatures soared to 32°C.

I can’t upload any photos at the moment, so I’ll get myself a new mobile chip and work from that. Got it.. now here’s some images.

We also spent the evening in the pool and watched a very beautiful African sunset.  We’re both feeling incredibly lucky to be here.


Day 3 Peninsula Tour Part II

So, we’ve been to the southern most point and been blown away in the strong winds. Now for some lunch..


We got talking to some other Brits from Canterbury, then walked around town and bought myself a little african bag for my travels R60, about £4.

Heading to Boulders Beach in search of African Penguins..


It was amazing. Hundreds of tiny penguins on a sandy beach. We took lots of pictures, but nothing could capture the natural beauty of seeing them in their natural environment. From just two breeding pairs in 1982, the colony has grown to over two thousand. However, the African penguin, previously known as the Jackass Penguin due to their donkey-like braying call,  is listed as an endangered species.