Day 9 Ostriches in Oudtshoorn

Last night, we went into town with two other couples from de Opstal Country Lodge. The Black Swan was recommended so we were prepared for a feast. I started with creamy mussels followed by rump steak. It was incredible. Mark had belly of pork to start, then curried chicken. Everyone at our table loved their food and we had a really nice evening chatting and laughing.


Today we went to breakfast in the grounds of de Opstal Country Lodge. The staff were very attentive, toasting our bread and refilling our coffee. There was an old wooden cart parked in the dining room and chandeliers hung from the ceiling. Hopefully, I’ll be able to post photos once we get to somewhere with a stronger internet connection.



Next we headed off on a tour of the ostrich farm. Dressed in PPE, we went into a cooler room and handled eggs (1.5kg), then to incubation rooms where the eggs begin to hatch. We saw one still curled up in half a shell. It still needed to be dried off before it could come out, so he went back in to the shelves upon shelves of warm eggs.


The chicks in the next room were lively and cute. I had a little cuddle with one before heading out to a small holding to see ‘mum and dad’ with all their 2month chicks (about 40) running around a huge enclosure. As they grow, their cuteness disappears, but they are such fascinating creatures and life in Oudtshoorn seems to suit them.

We’re now back at de Opstal and deciding on how we’ll spend the rest of the day 😃

We decided to go to the Canga Caves. Here we were treated to beautiful underground caves, amazing formations and acoustics. Very inpressive. There was also the option to do adventure caving and extreme, but we wanted to do some more stuff later, so took the standard tour.





Next, we drove through the Swartsberg Pass. Unmade roads, clinging to the mountain sides. It was intense, scary and exhilarating. Mark drove so I just clung onto my seat and held my breath for an hour! It was roughly 30km of bumpy, noisy track.  We found Prins Albert which was an historic town with watermills, windmill and showroom dance hall. We had coffee then took the 168 km journey back around the mountain using a very nice, flat, smooth road.


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