Peninsula Tour

Day 3

Our guide for the day was Icaarus. He was so eloquent and took us all around the Cape Peninsula.



First stop was watching the seals in Hout Bay. Twisting and flying through the water, their effortless acrobatic display was mesmerising.



We then went to take photos of the dramatic mountains at Chapman’s Point, Noordhoek.


The Cape of Good Hope in Table Mountain Nature Reserve was strategically between two major ocean currents ensuring a rich diversity of marine life. Humpback whales, dolphins, Bryde’s whales and seals. Both the Atlantic Ocean on the west side and the Indian Ocean waters from the east side have markedly different temperatures. So we’ll be swimming on the east side!



It was incredibly windy. People were literally being blown over! One poor woman fell backwards onto rocks. It was crazy.

Here’s me holding onto rocks to anchor myself.


At the southern most point in Africa, Mark managed to befriend a baboon. It must have been something he said, because he suddenly got up and ran off. Women screamed as he ran towards them at speed. Hilarious 🙂


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