Hot Table Mountain

To say it is hot now is a slight understatement. It’s scorching.

We came here in Autumn to avoid the really hot weather, but surprisingly it has gone from forceful winds to sweltering heat. Apparently, that is quite normal here!

So, we queue to buy tickets for the cable car that takes you up the last part of the mountain. It’s either that or a two hour climb to the top. It’s R255 each for a return. Talking to others, the climb up is very hard going, but the climb down is even harder. I’m glad we decided to take the cable car. We were planning on going up by foot, but the heat today would have made it unbearable for me. It’s 1085m above sea level.

The cableway has been operating since 1929. It has a rotating floor and travels at 10meters per second.

The top was stunning. Mark loved the lizards and the small mammals (Dassie). He scared me a few times by balancing on rocks near the edge, stumbling once or twice ‘for fun’.

We met Brian, an ex-sports coach from Stratford. Funnily enough, he had previously taught at St Gregory’s in TWells. Small world. Brian had bought a flat in Cape Town 12 years ago for £15k. Great buy. He’d been travelling for the last 8 months and SA was his last stop.  He decided to travel as his kids had left home, oh and so did his wife!


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